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This is a meticulously researched short book about the Taiwan Question. The fate of a nation hangs in the balance based on the answer to this question. Generally the Taiwan Question is whether Taiwan is part of China. This book explains this is not the case, and never has been.

One of the surprising finds of this research project was the role that tropical disease played in shaping the history of the island. As a result intermarriage with the Austronesian natives was not only common but necessary. Modern genetic studies bare this out.

Another surprising find was that the One China Policy was primarily an American creation, and did not involve any Taiwanese during the discussions. Before that the Chinese themselves favored an independent Taiwan. Primary sources for this history are cited and quoted. After WWII Taiwan was hijacked by rival Chinese factions, and the Taiwanese were again marginalized, even terrorized. Here I speak of all the Taiwanese, not just the Austronesian Taiwanese.

These were not the only surprising things that the research turned up and are reported in the book. By 'surprising' I mean things that do not fit the general impression people have today. The book took a long time to research, and it turned out well. If you are interested in this subject it is a must read.

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