What Thomas Is Looking For

Additional contracts for designing hardware, writing software, and/or performing data analysis.

Investment for an invention development lab so as to get my www.ReasoningTechnology.com, additional social media IP, and compression algorithms to market.

A position with a university which would like to have a computer architecture, compiler, and Linux distribution in its name.

Opportunity to further my construction of mathematics from computation theory work. Opportunity to work on my Bayesian Network / Quantum field analogy.

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Thomas does logic, circuit design, and architecture for FPGA and VLSI chips with a specialties in microprocessors, numeric algorithms, verification, and security. He designs and builds PCB boards, systems, and occasionally mechanical equipment. He writes software for embedded systems, tools, and applications using a variety of software languages including assembly, C, C++, Python, Lisp, Wolfram Mathematica, and JavaScript among others. He has been known to occasionally write websites, his last one was codeveloped and used Django, Python, css, JavaScript, and Stripe. He enjoys being part of teams doing one or more of these things, and enjoys helping build such teams. On occasion Thomas will publish an academic paper or a book.

Over the last few years these skills and decades of experience have lead to contracts for inventing new products, intellectual property development and consulting, performing diligence on business plans, and building high tech startups.

Thomas has been affiliated with Reasoning Technology, Birkbeck University of London, Intellectual Ventures, QuickSilver Technology, and AMD, among others. His startups include "21st Century Telephone", "Tempered Hardware and Software", and "Reasoning Technology".


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These digests explain where many of the above listed papers and patents came from, and briefly what they are.

The Story Behind My IP
The Story Behind My Publications

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