Thomas innovates, designs, builds, and manages high tech solutions.

Thomas is shopping new product proposals in the areas of AI and cognition, social media, and media compression. He helps with diligence on business plans, and takes the occasional interesting design contract. He has research projects going in compiler and processor technology. Thomas is looking for partners for a fun ‘mirror in space’ concept for solving global warming and the world's energy needs.

Professional Resume

Thomas has been affiliated with Reasoning Technology, Intellectual Ventures, Quicksilver Technologies, and AMD, among others.

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Tangible Works

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The Story Behind My IP
The Story Behind My Publications

As an engineer Thomas has done logic, circuit design, and architecture for FPGA and VLSI chips with a specialties in microprocessors, numeric algorithms, verification, and security. He designed and built PCB boards, systems, and occasionally mechanical equipment. He has written software for embedded systems, tools, and applications using a variety of software languages including assembly, C, C++, Python, Lisp, Wolfram Mathematica, and JavaScript among others. He has been known to occasionally write websites, his last one was codeveloped and used Django, Python, css, JavaScript, and Stripe.

As a manager Thomas has planned and lead high tech teams to success. He introduced new technologies and design methodologies to AMD. As an entrepreneur he started his own design consultancy, participated in an innovative processor startup, proposed an early smartphone product, and is now developing an AI tool. Note his book on start ups, "It Takes a Frontier Mentality".

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